WCW & Allen Ginsberg

April 9, 2010

Also on the  Hamilton Partnership website is the following link to a recently restored interview with Allen Ginsberg discussing Williams, which was produced in 1978 by Richard Atnally. Gillian Hettinger worked to transfer the video to digital format:



2 Responses to “WCW & Allen Ginsberg”

  1. Jamie Reid said

    Dear friends

    I am looking for a clip of Allen Ginsberg discussing the first Gulf War. I am under the perhaps mistaken impression that the clip appears in this documentary about William Carlos Williams.

    In your knowledge, is there a link to a video of this Ginsberg talk that I might find on the Internet?

    Or could you make available a clip of just this section of the film so that it can be widely posted on the Internet. It was a brilliant and I thought heroic denunciation of the motives of the American government in launching the first Gulf War.

    Many thanks for any help that you might be able to offer.

  2. You might try contacting the Hamilton Partnership directly via the contact link on the linked website above. I’ve only watched this clip, so I couldn’t tell you if the material you are interested in is in the longer film, but they might be able to help. Good luck!

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