MLA 2014 Session Participants

March 30, 2013

We are very excited to have selected the following papers for the William Carlos Williams session at MLA in January 2014:
Chair: Daniel E. Burke (Marquette University)
Julia Bloch (Bard College) “Teaching Williams/Williams Teaching”
Samantha Carrick (University of Southern California) “The Decaying Body of the Poet: Williams and Aging”
Julia Daniel (West Virginia University) “Material Feminism and the Body of Place in Paterson
Margaret Konkol (Georgia Institute of Technology) “‘Queen-Anne’s-Lace’: Resilient. Immigrant. Weed.”
Serena Le (University of California – Berkeley) “‘Crashing upon a stone ear’: Picturing the Sound of Paterson’s Falls”
Lisa Siriganian (Southern Methodist University) “Food or Drug: Curing Culture with Poetry Things”
Erin Templeton (Converse College) “Digital Williams: Mulitiplicities, ‘composition and decomposition'”

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